Laminate tube is cheap, economical, convenient, versatile and attractive packaging. It is used for packaging of skin care, personal care and oral care products, food products, medicines, various repellents and household chemicals. Laminate tube for packaging toothpaste is the most popular as it has the unique protective properties from the environment through the barrier layer, which ensures a long-term storage of products. 

We produce the following tube diameters:

16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 30, 35, 38, 40, 50mm with 5-300ml.


     ABL (with aluminum barrier layer)

     PBL (with plastic barrier layer)

Additional features:

  • foil stamping on laminate
  • foil stamping (edge) on cap
  • caps of any color
  • transparent / translucent cap
  • matt cap
  • colouring shoulder

   PBL laminate: transparent, dyed, pearl effect

   ABL laminate: silver, pearl



  • Toothpaste

    Tube is the most common packaging for toothpaste.

    The first tube was invented 19 years after the toothpaste itself and since that time it’s considered its integral part. Today the tube "sells" this or that brand of toothpaste as according to researches, over 30% of people when buying toothpaste draw attention to the design of a tube.

    According to statistics, at the average during the year one person uses 8-10 toothpaste tubes of 75-100ml.

    For toothpaste packaging ABL and PBL-laminate with caps of different colors and features is used. 


  • Perfumes & Cosmetics

    Laminate Tube - the most convenient and low-cost packaging for cosmetic products.

    This tube can be used as packaging for the following creamy means:

    • Hair products (shampoos, conditioners, masks, balms, gels, mousses)
    • Body products (gels, milk, creams, lotions, scrubs)
    • Face products (creams, lotions, masks, scrubs)
  • Household products

    Laminate tube also is used by manufacturers of chemicals as packaging of various products.

    We produce tube for packaging:

    • shoe polish
    • auto lubricants


  • Food products

    Today it is difficult to find in supermarkets domestic food products in tubes as it is mostly imported products. But it is more convenient way to package than Doypack for ketchup or jar for jam.

    Laminate tube can be used to package the following products:

    • condiments (mayonnaise, ketchup, sauce, mustard)
    • desserts (condensed milk, jam, chocolate cream, honey)
    • pâté
    • dairy products (sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese paste)
  • Repellents

    Together with warm spring sun on the shelves of supermarkets you can find seasonal products repellents that are substances which discourages insects. Today there is a great demand for sprays, lotions, plates, but different repellent creams and gels are not less popular. 


  • Pet products

    Cosmetics and medicines for animals are not less popular now than the same products made ​​for people.

    Our tube is used as a packaging for creams, gels, shampoos.