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In tube production 2 kinds of laminate are used: ABL (aluminum barrier layer) and PBL (plastic barrier layer).

ABL material has an aluminum barrier layer which is a thin aluminum foil (12-40 micron), barrier properties in PBL performs by EVOH layer.

The barrier layer is required as it doesn’t let the aromatic ingredients of content to leave the tube and prevents the penetration of oxygen, water, bacteria and light inside the tube. Aluminum as a barrier provides the best protection of the contents.

This prevents processes such as oxidation, fermentation, the chemical and physical composition of packaged products. The outer layer of polyethylene allows apply full-color images of high quality with high resolution, as well as the layer makes the tube pleasant to the touch. The inner layer of polyethylene ensures tight sealing of the tube and prevents contact of its content with the barrier layer.

We use the laminate of the leading manufacturers - Huhtamaki (Germany) and Amcor (China).

ABL-laminate: the thickness of the barrier layer of 20 microns with the total thickness of 275 microns (275/20) and of 12 microns with a total thickness of 275, 250 and 220 microns (275/12, 250/12, 220/12).

PBL Laminate: barrier layer EVOH of 5-25 microns is used with a total thickness of material 400, 350 and 300 microns (400/15, 350/25, 300/15, 300/5).

We work with different suppliers of caps and shoulders: Belarusian (Miran, Mitra, Litoplast-Med) and foreign (Sibo, Zeller-Plastic, Kutterer-Rus, Weiner plastic, Profcap).