Extrusion department is a fully automatic closed-cycle production, equipped with ventilation and air-conditioning, computer networks, security system and on-going 24h video monitoring.

In autumn 2011 Mirupack has launched production of multilayered plastic tubes in extrusion (COEX).

Extrusion department has the following equipment: Polytype (Linearis) - hybrid printing technology, Polytype TRAX - offset printing (6 colors), Dubuit - silk-screen printing (5 colors), Breyer (extruder).

Tubes with a barrier layer EVOH can be used for packing of different kinds of products with active compounds and thus to be protected from external exposure of sun, oxygen, etc. This option helps to better preserve the product packed in plastic tube and to prolong the term of use. These special products are medicative creams, toothpastes, baby creams, food (melted cheese, yoghurts, mayonnaise, etc.) with obligatory strict conditions of packing and storage.